video consumption if became increasingly common. However, what was previously silently accepted, such as long videos, is no longer accepted. ifopen also population on a daily basis.

The technological BOOM that occurred due to the pandemic also helped to take advantage of the social network called social network. TikTok🇧🇷

Primarily used by young people for performing dances and voiceovers, today this network has become an ally when it comes to marketing campaigns🇧🇷 ifalready using the platform itself for to advertise or your brand.

As with any social network, TikTok this ifalways in constant update, by seeing alsomany ways to help content creators who use the platform as a business. Therefore, ifwe stopped for a while tips for help you benefit your The brand that gets stronger in this network also market. Payment!

1 – Pay attention to framing when recording

need videos ifr is made vertically, taking advantage of all the space allowed on the platform. Avoid other formats, search ifalways facilitates the viewer’s view.

2 – Stay tuned for trending songs and challenges

It is very important to use a song that goes viral as on other platforms. for get you on a train (trending videos also time) and have ifyou video ifsurrender for more users.

3 – Understand what your audience wants to see

As in any job Always worth analyzing your competitorsand it won’t be here ifdifferent. Understand what works, what types of content are successful, and what isn’t well received. if ask if possible ifMake public what they want to see.

4 – Don’t miss the moment

as a quote also tip 2, it is very important to join the trends for lever ifu profile (remembering that you need to adapt the trend for HE ifniche). But the moment is extremely important, be careful and ifr fast for create and post the video before that song or challenge goes out of style.

5- Don’t be a slave to trends

as much as they ifimportant jam for profile growth, work ifThis positioning is also a very relevant point. Show who you are, what you do and what you do ifeg purpose.

Speak directly to the user, see for Turn on the camera and speak in a rhythm that turns the video into good content. ifr helped.

6 – Use hashtags

We will do forwith hashtags like r: #fy #viral. You need to help the algorithm work. ifplease. Put hashtags ifjam about what you’re talking about, what ifbeing treated also video.

For example, you have a robotics business and you show ifus students in a classroom, then use hashtags like #robotica #prototyping #auladerobotica #robos.

7 – Work with influencer marketing

great idea to use Influencer marketing to make your product or service better known🇧🇷 The creators of these social networks, only TikTokthere are many ifguides influenced by them on a daily basis. So why is it not announced? ifdeal with one of these breeders ifAlready in the same niche as you?

the website itself TikTok offer tips and guides for you apply ifdeal, enjoy for study how you can work your the brand appears on the platform and gains relevance.


*By Ana Carolina Inácio – Social Media, by Leonora Ventures

Source: Tec Mundo

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