Gaming is a difficult and vulnerable process. You need to play with comfort, and not through force.

It doesn’t matter what you play on: PC or game consoles. Immersion in the gameplay from head to toe is important to convey not only by the games themselves, but also by the things around them.

So catch 5 really participants who are engaged in games.

1. Vibrating back massager Hyperice Venom Back

What is good: Reduces stress on the back

Sitting at the computer for a long time or before installing the device, the back and other parts of the body get tired. If you need to sit as long as possible, you can get a good back massager.

This option helps relieve tension from the back and facilitate movement. There are 3 modes and temperature control using a conventional touchscreen.

The belt is worn at the waist and covers the area from the lower back. To do this, move away from the screen for a few minutes, but the effect will grow. Moderate heating of the lower back up to 73 degrees, combined with vibrations, quickly warms up and regulates muscle tone at the workplace before changing the impact.

Can be controlled via smartphone app. The built-in battery will last for a long time.

📲 Price for 17,990 rubles.

2. Computer chair Andaseat Kaiser 2, XL

Why is it good: comfortable chair with adjustment for yourself

I have already recommended this company’s gaming chair more than once. They have gradually established themselves in the market over the years.

The chair is made at the highest level, perfectly stitched and is unlikely to withstand much after many years. Large chest and back cushion made of memory foam. It is customized to suit you.

The cover is made from high-quality DuraXtra AD+ leather substitute, resistant to scratches and other damage. You can adjust the tilt in the range from 90 to 160 degrees, that is, in fact, you can literally sleep.


To move the chair, large rollers with a diameter of 65 mm are used. They use polyurethane, due to which you can carry the chair anywhere, it does not remain with the investigator. Withstands loads up to 200 kg.

📲 Price for 34 190 rubles.

3. Game table Andaseat Shadow Warrior

What is good: multifunctional modular table with conveniences for gamers

A real gamer needs a special table from which he will play. The usual office option, of course, is also suitable, but we want to increase the benefits, right?

This table has height values ​​in the range of 75-120 cm. The steel bone includes two electric drives, which have a smooth stepless pallet at a height of 26 mm / s.


Controlled by a special panel, 3 positions can be stored for a quick transition to the desired speed level.

Built-in RGB lighting system realizes three-dimensional visual effects, there are 149 color modes. And if you get confused, you can also set it up for games, but this is already for especially advanced players.

The table is steady against vibrations and maintains loading to 100 kg. The tabletop has a carbon coating.

There are three zones in the table itself: a storage area on the left, a play area in the center and on the right. The shelves are modular so they can be interchanged. Smartphone stands are built into the left and right sides.

In addition, there is an opening for holes for wires and a cable organizer – a full-fledged cable management. Finally, a glass holder and a headset holder are built into the table.

📲 Price for 44 990 rubles.

4. Microphone Audio-Technica ATR2500x-USB

What is good: high quality sound transmission, you can write podcasts

When playing with friends, you want them to be perfectly audible and legible. The same applies to you, so the choice of a microphone must be approached with all responsibility.

Audio-Technica has long become almost the standard of good sound. Their mics are being picked around the world, someone is recording podcasts with them, or just using them for placement.

The microphone connects to a computer or laptop via a USB or USB-C port and works freely with the software of your choice. It is placed on a tripod with legs, it is stable and does not fidget. It has high-quality sound insulation, so you don’t even have to think about extraneous noise.

Exceptional headphone output for monitoring volume control.

📲 Price for 9 990 rubles.

5. Qukan W1 Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses

What are good: reliably protect eyes and do not glare

Finally, gamers need to take care of their eyesight. After all, long hours in the next rink put a lot of pressure on the eyes, vision gradually decreases.


To avoid this, you need good glasses. The practical coatings of Roidmi Qukan W1 generally protect the eyes for everyone and reliably. Made from grylamide (TR-90), a lightweight, durable and flexible material with hydrophilic properties. You will not feel discomfort even after several hours of wearing.

The set comes with two pairs of temples: regular and sports. The weight of the glasses is only 25 grams, you won’t even notice them.

📲 Price for 4 990 rubles.

PS This is not all. On the re:Store website you can find many useful things in everyday life.

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