New Year’s sales to collect turnover. AliExpress is already preparing profitable offers, among which there is something for our readers. Get acquainted with the current selection and certainly for yourself – and do not touch on our Telegram channelwhere the hottest new items have just been published.

It just doesn’t get any better!

1. Classic AI Flip Case for iPhone


The most useless and comfortable case for all your favorite smartphones. A great comic gift, every girl will be happy.

Price: 487 331 rub.

2. Massage Car Cape Shop


All car owners bought heated capes for winter. Now it is also worth paying attention to the massage ones – they warm, although they noticed less.

Active stimulation of blood flow will be much more useful. Features for long trips (I recommend supplementing them with heated seats).

Price: 1878 1539 rub.

3. Xiaomi travel hair dryer


Compact travel hair dryer with ionization and motor change. limitation – a simplified modification of the first model, which has become very popular in Russia.

It can also replace a home device. The quality is very high.

Price: 1805 1444 rub.

4. Xiaomi table lamp


A solid table lamp with a blue filter and no PWM (LED flicker), as well as a smooth gain control.

Temperature control is also observed. To illuminate the work area, computer desk or workbench, it will be very difficult to find better.

Price: 2062 1422 rub.

5. Essager charger


One of the highest quality power supplies for laptops and other devices with Power Delivery from 15 to 65 watts.

The maximum power of each port is 45W for USB-C and 20W for USB-A.

Price: 2388 1313 rub.

6. Launcher UTRAI


mobile external battery for car. Suitable for both cars and SUVs and light trucks up to 3.5 tons with a 12 V power supply.

It works at temperatures down to minus 20. It can also replenish the charge of small gadgets and work as an emergency backlight / flashlight.

Price: 11559 5086 rub.

7. Travel backpack BANGE


The famous “sliding” backpack, with a graceful movement, turns from hand luggage into a full-fledged suitcase with 37 liters of internal volume.

Thoughtful organization allows you to place inside a complete set of things, accessories and electronics for a week. Checked, love.

Price: 7179 3589 rub.

8. Wall lamp Moesdal


A simple and affordable LED “chandelier” for wall or ceiling mounting. It is offered in several variants with bodies, flowers and sizes.

The colors and brightness of the RGB components are configured through a regular application for iOS and Android (a model with an IR remote control is available).

Price: 2674 1604 rub.

9. DVR 70mai


The most popular Chinese GPS recorder. Reliable, practical, high quality. More is not needed.

Writes FullHD during the day, at dusk and at night, can broadcast the image to a smartphone and to the cloud, has all the necessary sensors and GLONASS support.

Price: 10837 5635 rub.

10. Oclean Toothbrush


An updated version of the toothbrush union: this time without Bluetooth and app connection, but with a more unified motor.

Price: 2342 1874 rub.

11. Houhou electric door


A handy reusable kitchen accessory for grinding seasonings. Belongs to the Xiaomi ecosystem, made of hypoallergenic materials with a long service life.

Be careful: pay attention to the option with the collection of the battery, and without it (not the best choice).

Price: 1354 1083 rub.

12 Prainskel window cleaning robot


The same robot for recording windows and mirrors that everyone has not yet bought. And in vain – for frequent diagnostics, it has not been possible to find something better for 4 years now.

And yes, hundreds of other brands repackage it. So why fly more?

Price: 9278 5010 rub.

13. Set of walkie-talkies Retevis


Set of 2 short range radios. It uses only channels allowed in Russia and has a power consumption.

Suitable for independent outputs, as it can search for active channels. There is a view mode and SOS.

Price: 2250 rub.

14. Headlamp Sofirn


One of the most consumed headlamps in the Chinese market with a LiPo battery meter: 1200 lumens, glow sector up to 180 degrees.

Not afraid of water, dust and dust, as well as cold. Works up to 3 hours by estimate.

Price: 1986 1430 rub.

15. TopRCParts robotic arm


Kit for self-assembly of a robotic arm. Suitable for educational purposes or general use.

Electronics usually use Arduino. Control is possible from a PC or through a standard gamepad.

Price: 11478 5968 rub.

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