messaging app What’s up? It has a new function for everyone and it is one of the functions that users have requested for a long time. We are talking about fixing one of the mistakes that are made frequently in chats and that cannot be fixed until now.

The new possibility is called accidental deletion, and being able to fix that something sent to the user at a given moment was accidentally deleted… leaving the rest to go on seeing what they wish was no longer in the chat (both individually and in groups). If that happens, there has been a vacuum to date where little or nothing can be done but endure. Until now, of course.

New fusion that is very useful in WhatsApp

As we said, it is surprising that this new option has not been in the application for a long time, because multiple people in trouble Therefore. In this way, if the delete option, which is located at the bottom of the screen and includes the button to perform the operation, is used, the message will be seen again. As a result, it is possible to perform the desired deletion, but this time for everyone. A breather for many.

New function accidentally deleted on WhatsApp

What’s up?

Activation has started in some regions, but it will reach all regions quickly as long as you have the latest version of the messaging app (you can use your own version). iOS or one that is compatible with the operating system Android). So we are not talking about a test as these have been recorded since August of this year. On this occasion, the good news is that WhatsApp quickly found the appropriate action to make the new tool official.

Cruising speed in app improvements

The company owned by Meta for a while, constantly adding new features. . It is obvious that the usefulness of this development continues to increase with the arrival of avatars or the possibility of sending messages to oneself. And that definitely means fewer users are considering leaving the messaging service we’re talking about.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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