Samsung has long relied on Qualcomm for its high-end devices, but apparently that could change. The chip giant has fierce competition with MediaTekwho with his recent Dimension 9000 could demonstrate its potential in an even more pronounced way. As recently foreseen, it is even possible that Samsung will opt for a MediaTek solution at the launch of its next top smartphones, probably under the name Galaxy S23.

To anticipate everything, the pages of Business Korea, according to which in the S22 FE and in S23 there is a chip coming from a competitor, at least in Asia. It should be emphasized that the report in question does not come from official sources and therefore the situation may be slightly different in the future, with Samsung perhaps not proposing any changes regarding the company dealing with the chips of its devices. It should also be emphasized that in some parts of the world the giant can continue to give its own preference Exynos

However, according to the Business Korea pages, at least about half of the devices that will be produced, both in terms of the Fan Edition of the S22, and specifically on the S23, will count on the potential of the successors to the Dimensity 9000, which could instead take the name Dimensity 10000.

We actually don’t know what a change of this type could bring, and whether it will also have an impact in our country or will be limited to making the devices different from what has so far only been seen in other parts of the world. Obviously, all that remains is to wait for an official reply from Samsung

Source: Lega Nerd

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