TikTok has announced a new feature to provide more context in how its recommendation algorithm displays content to users. The ByteDance-owned platform announced that from now on it will be possible to see the reason why the videos appear in the “For you” section with a new tool available in the app.

The ability to see why TikTok is showing a particular video in the For You section will be rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. In particular, “easy to understand” explanations for the user will be shown, as the company described in its blog. Those people who want to know why the app only shows this clip they must click on the Share button and then on the Why is this video option. Next, an explanation will be shown using various reasons, which may vary depending on the content.

For example, TikTok might highlight that this video was featured in the “For You” section because you have a shared follower. Also because it’s similar to other videos you’ve liked. It’s all reasons that may appear when clicking on the option:

  • By user interaction on TikTok. That is, by the content that a person has previously seen, by the videos that he liked or shared, as well as by those that he commented on or searched for.
  • For accounts someone is followingand proposed.
  • because it’s content recently published in the region where the user is located.
  • because the content popular in the region where the user is located.

TikTok also allows you to mute words or rotate videos to display them horizontally.

This is not the only feature TikTok has added to provide more transparency into how its powerful recommendation algorithm works. A few weeks ago, the app announced the possibility that users can disable hashtags or words that they do not want to see in their feeds so that related videos do not appear.

In parallel, TikTok has added a new button to its feed that allows you to rotate videos recorded horizontally. Well, they are published vertically by default. Rotating a video also activates YouTube-like playback controls, so the user can fast-forward or rewind the clip as needed.

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