Android 14 may introduce a solution to organize data collected by health apps🇧🇷 In 2023, more users will be able to see all the information through the Health Connect app.

HE IS The software aims to establish a data standard for fitness apps and facilitate integration across platforms.🇧🇷 So people will be able to find more complete information about health and performance during workouts.

These days, fitness app developers need to create individual integrations with other software. Therefore, the utility acts only as an intermediary on the device to collect health data from different apps.

With all software adopting the same data standard, For example, Health Connect can combine information from a cycling app with heart rate from a wearable device.🇧🇷 As stated, this will result in more complete health records.

THEM The beta version of Health Connect is available at: Google Play store since November of this year. With a limited number of compatible apps, the software has been downloaded just over 500,000.

The expectation is that the platform integrates with the most popular apps like Strava and Zepp, and be one of the new features of Android 14. For more, app should be one of the new services of big tech and comes pre-installed on phones running the operating system.

Android 14 should only reach the general public in the third quarter of 2023.

When will Android 14 be released?

HE IS Android 14 development is already underway for Google. Continuing the tradition of giving names inspired by desserts, the system has an Upside-down cake internal header.

The big tech calendar shows the developer preview will be available from April 2023. After a long testing period, stable version should only be released for all users in the third quarter of 2023.🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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