One of the plans Elon Musk had to make twitter is to transform the platform into much more than a text-dominated social network (come on, it will drop its essentials to be a place where anything is possible). As long as there is one of those who pays to be part of Twitter Blue, it is known one step further to make it happen.

The change focuses specifically on videos that can be uploaded to the social network, making it much more complete and attractive to creators. The said change officially posted On the Twitter Blue support page, video duration Now it can be uploaded for anyone with access to Elon Musk’s platform to see.

Twitter Blue now lets you upload longer videos

henceforth they sixty minutes the maximum number of files that can be made available to social network users. If you’re wondering about the size of the file to use, this is the maximum 2GB, an amount far from what has been allowed so far (512 MB). When it comes to resolution, there is one limitation that is important: 1080p at maximum, so there’s no access to 4K at the moment – but it seems like it’s only a matter of time). Apparently, it’s definitely going for YouTube and Instagram.

The screen of a phone with the Twitter logo

raw pixel

What is not currently discussed is Twitter plans to add a system earning money The number of videos with new duration is a vital thing for creators – and if not, will not be able to compete Compared to options like the ones mentioned above, they really are their main choice … especially YouTube-. There is also something you must do. to work company very heavily from now on: everything about the company piracybecause the new maximum allowed by the social network fits perfectly into the duration of the episodes of many series.

Another innovation coming to the social network

this has to do with it AnswersSince Twitter Blue users will also have priority in this section, it would not be strange to see what those who paid the relevant fee first wrote above the newer or even important ones. Another step to ‘force’ users to sign up for the service‚Ķ even if that means changing the way Twitter works all the time. These are new times under the Elon Musk umbrella, and that’s how things are.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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