Two people were rescued After suffering a serious accident in California, USA on Tuesday (13), help from iphone 14🇧🇷 Apple’s new mobile phone model features SOS Emergency, trigger assist and Crash Detection via Satellite sources to detect accidents.

The driver of the car lost control and the vehicle skidded down a mountainside, falling more than 90 meters between canyons on the Angeles Forest Highway in Angeles National Forest. The iPhone 14 in the vehicle detected the accident and when there was no signal, it sent information to the rescue teams via satellite.

The text message reached an Apple headquarters, and employees from there called the Montrose area police. The two victims were rescued by helicopter in a remote area.🇧🇷 The teenagers were found moderately injured.

Police shared videos of the stunning rescue on Twitter. Payment:

Emergency SOS with Satellite and Collision Detection

Security features are available in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom and are free for two years. To enable them, you need to go to the tabs “Settings”, “Emergency SOS”, “Satellite Emergency SOS” and click on “Try demo”.

There is no prediction of arrival in Brazil for the solution yet. However, the trend is that in 2023 more and more mobile phones will adopt the technology, helping to popularize it.

Source: Tec Mundo

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