In the settings section Universal access a hidden set of useful options and features that can be purchased by the iPhone user. With the iOS 16 update, the Cupertians have added another interesting mode for communicating with other apple gadgets.

The new feature allows you to remotely launch some options with a single gadget on the device.

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What you need for remote control

For the chip to work, several conditions must be registered:

► iPhone with any citizen iOS 16 and iPad with any citizen iPadOS 16;

► Both gadgets must be connected to the same Apple ID account;

► The devices must be close to each other.

At the same time, gadgets may not be within the same Wi-Fi network.

How to connect to a nearby iPad

one. Good on iPhone Settings – Accessibility.

2. Open section Office nearby.

3. Click the only item in the section.

4. Choose a suitable gadget nearby to connect. As a result,

five. Control the selection of keys or a menu of additional actions.

You can end any application and return to home screen, multitasking panel, control point and center of life. You can still calls Siri and give her additional commands that are not in the action menu.

In addition, you can control the music, reduce or reduce the volume of the device.

For example, in this way I can adjust the volume of the iPad when playing on it. I got used to the chip back in the summer and have been watching it until now.

If you have several iPhones on your account, you can manage one using the other. But reverse control from the iPad is not provided.

Source: Iphones RU

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