From a biological point of view, viruses are a delicacy food, they are rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and nucleic acids. In addition, viruses are very common and plentiful, so that they are involuntarily absorbed by the fibers of organic matter. However, recent discovery of signs for which viruses are the main digestive.

The discovery was killed by John DeLonge of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His team took water retention from a pond, identified all the tiny animals in it, including viruses, and then began to observe the change in their population. A few days later, they noticed increased excitability: in some samples, the number of Halteria infusoria increased sharply and the presence of chlorovirus was detected.

Having stained the DNA of the chorovirus with phorescent poisoning, the scientists saw it inside the inforia that stV. The virus was 15 days after infection, and the virus was reduced after 100 days. In clean water without chlorovirus, Fusoria starved and did not multiply.

Thus, halteria were able to achieve a “virgin” life for the new organism, by analogy with herbivores and carnivores. I am sure that other creatures of this type live in nature, and have not yet been discovered. In addition, almost nothing is known about their rationality, availability and environmental impact, but we have received evidence that viruses can be infected for the population. creatures.

Source: Tech Cult

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