Giant data attack on Twitter!  That’s the only thing lost

Since Elon Musk he is interested twitterThere were a few issues with the company. Basically, your name appears in the media every other day, or even every day. This time, a new report reveals that hackers freely leaked a set of data involving 235 million users of the social network on an Internet forum.

Cybernews reported that the leaked Twitter data is about 63GB in size. Not an insignificant amount! Data includes username, email address, number of followers and account creation date. In fact, the database is public, so anyone can download it.

Twitter data leak could have serious consequences

Alon Galco-founder of Israeli security company Hudson Rockbelieves that hackers could use this leaked Twitter database to attack encrypted accounts. They can also hack high profile and political accounts and infiltrate accounts with good usernames. Moreover, These cybercriminals can attack accounts that don’t use Twitter’s private email. “There is no doubt that hacker groups around the world will also use this database to further compromise users’ privacy.”

Giant data attack on Twitter!  That's the only thing lost

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According to The Washington Post, the recordings were likely leaked in late 2021 using a Twitter loophole that allowed strangers with an email address or phone number to find any account on Twitter that matched that number. These queries can be automated to check unlimited phone numbers and email addresses. But now it has been leaked online and has once again shaken Elon Musk’s company.

A hacker blackmails Elon Musk

about a week ago A hacker claimed to have access to nearly 400 million Twitter user accounts.. It also offered Twitter CEO Elon Musk a chance to buy them back. The seller, using the pseudonym Ryushi on the dark web, has opened trial access to 1,000 Twitter accounts. That way, whoever wants to buy them can verify their authenticity.

“Twitter or Elon Musk,” Ryushi wrote. “If you are reading this, you are already risking being penalized for non-compliance with a resource. As Facebook did at the time – as 533 million users were affected – your best bet is to purchase this data privately to avoid paying a $276 million fine for a GDPR violation.” Earlier, it had already been reported. EU will review Twitter registry to check for data leaks More than 5.4 million users.

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