iFixit specialists decided to check what the new FineWoven fabric case, which Apple released specifically for the iPhone 15, consists of.

Using a digital microscope, iFixit viewed the FineWoven Fabric at 52x and 490x magnification, confirming that it is indeed made up of bundles of tightly woven fibers. Each fiber is much smaller than a strand of hair—about 6 microns thick.

The individual fiber parts are made up of a thread about 150 microns thick. When FineWoven fabric is scratched, the fibers do not break, but the scratch causes the affected fibers to reflect light. This means that a visual trace will remain. Items in your pocket can also leave their mark.

Because the FineWoven cover was made of fabric, it got dirty from hot sauce and oil, although it was able to stand up to coffee. iFixit failed to remove oil and hot sauce stain.


The experts also cut the case open to look at it from below: the fabric is fixed on the outside, and the inside contains gray foam, a hard plastic sheet, a MagSafe block, white foam, another hard plastic sheet and an inner layer of FineWoven fabric. All layers of fabric, and the fabric itself has a thickness of 0.17 mm.

iFixit advised owners of FineWoven cases to treat them with water-repellent sprays to make the case more resistant to stains and liquids.

Source: Iphones RU

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