A new year has begun and for those who read and need renewing school suppliesWhether face-to-face, remote or hybrid model, you need to organize yourself to be well-equipped for classrooms.

For many people, having different gear interferes with the performance, organization and quality of events, as well as being a pleasure to buy new pens, colored pencils, notebooks and other stationery.

Moreover it is important to invest in quality products, to ensure they last a long time and are well used throughout the school year. Therefore, there is nothing better than enjoying something good. stationery promotion and work items.

Currently Amazon has several promotions on Stationery & Office with good discounts on backpacks, colored pencils, folders, whiteboards, pens and many other items.

Check out some offers to put together your school bag while saving money:

  • 24 Color Hydrographic Pen, Faber-Castell 17% off
  • 500-Sheet A4 Bond Paper Pack, Chamex 19% off
  • Permanent Block Weekly Planner, Cicero 12% off
  • 48 Color Colored Pencil Set, Leo&Leo 12% off
  • 6 Colored Text Marker Pen, Stabilo 29% off
  • Adult Starter Backpack, FIla 17% off
  • Folder Folder A4, 12 Partitions, YES 12% off
  • Catalog Folder with 50 Bags, 13% discount YES
  • Wire Folder YES, 10% off RC4EBCBG
  • Box Academie Case, Tilibra 8% off
  • 96-sheet Page Marker, 12% off Post-it
  • Glue Stick, Pritt 20% off
  • Notebook 160 pages, Tilibra 18% off
  • Eraser Graphite Pencil Set, 72 pcs, 11% off Jocar
  • Spiral Notebook Round 6, 80 Pages, Tilibra 8% off

Is there something you need missing? Check out all the deals on the Amazon website and take advantage of the deals before they run out!

Source: Tec Mundo

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