Kazakhstani authorities unsuccessfully tried to set up meat supplies for McDonald’s, Vkusvill is thinking about new store formats, the Russian Football Union rejects Adidas after 15 years of cooperation and other news of the day.

The authorities of Kazakhstan about the departure of McDonald’s, “Taiwanese Starlink”, RFU without Adidas: the main thing January 7


  • Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that McDonald’s left the country due to problems with meat supplies. The Kazakh authorities were ready to help the company establish new chains, but this did not happen due to the closure of the restaurants.

  • Taiwan may launch an analogue of Starlink in the midst of a crisis in relations with China. The country’s authorities expect it to take several years.


  • The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, in order to combat shadow production, raised the cost of sparkling wine by 70 rubles (from 169 to 239 rubles) per bottle.

  • The Russian Football Federation refused to partner with Adidas. The German brand supplies equipment for the Russian team since 2008.

  • The Chairman of the Crimean Tourism Alliance told TASS that the organized tourist flow to the peninsula in 2022 was halved.
  • According to the Global Innovation Index 2022 report, Russia ranked 47th in the list of the most innovative countries in the world in 2022. Switzerland topped the ranking for the 12th time in a row.


  • Vkusvill is not going to abandon offline sales and is considering the possibility of opening stores with new formats, including mini stores.

  • One of the largest cryptocurrency lenders, Genesis, has announced that it will lay off 30% of its employees and could file for bankruptcy.

  • McDonald’s plans to cut some of its staff in 2023.

  • Ant Group, China’s largest fintech company, has stripped its founder Jack Ma of majority voting rights. As a result of the changes in the management structure, the billionaire will have a 6.2% stake.
  • Samsung accidentally revealed the presentation date of the Galaxy S23. A teaser photo with the date of the event, February 1, was posted on the company’s website in Colombia and was soon removed.
  • Taiwanese MSI introduced the Pen 2 device, a stylus capable of writing on both a touch screen and plain paper.
  • VTB turned to Belgium and Luxembourg to unlock foreign values ​​from customers and income from them.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

Source: RB

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