Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture said McDonald’s left the country due to problems with the supply of raw materials. Local restaurants received meat from Russia.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan confirmed the connection between the exit of McDonald’s and the cessation of supplies from Russia

According to the ministry, in Russia, McDonald’s “had large distribution centers”, but after the company left the Russian Federation, Kazakh restaurants faced a problem with the supply of raw materials.

It is clarified that the representatives of the American corporation were ready to switch to products of manufacturers from Kazakhstan, but the introduction of “the high standards of the company took some time.”

Local authorities tried to prevent the shutdown of the network in Kazakhstan. They were ready to “help speed up and simplify” deliveries from third countries. At this time, Kazakh meat and dairy producers have already begun preparations to bring production up to company standards.

An audit of the companies was planned for early 2023, but due to the closure of McDonald’s it never took place.

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture assures that there are no problems with meat in the country, and supply interruptions are associated with a lengthy and complicated certification procedure.

“Kazakhstan fully supplies the domestic market for almost all types of meat. According to the latest data, in 2022 1.06 million tons of meat were produced, volumes increased by an average of 0.4% compared to last year,” the statement said.

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In November 2022, all 24 McDonald’s restaurants in Kazakhstan suspended their work. According to Bloomberg, the American chain has banned its franchisees from buying chop meat in Russia.

At the same time, the company was unable to purchase products from European or local suppliers due to high prices and transportation costs.

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