Today it is quite difficult to conduct a conversation through voice or video calls if our interlocutor speaks in a language unknown to us. Without an interpreter, communication becomes nearly impossible and we rely on third parties to understand us. Well, that’s about to change, and that’s what NVIDIA AI, Maxine, can now translate your voice in real time, among many other improvements.

But apart from this impressive real-time broadcasting technology, NVIDIA Maxine has other advantages. One of them is the ability to direct the speaker’s gaze towards the camera. All this, of course, with the help of artificial intelligence. Thus, it will always appear that you are looking at the listeners, even if you are looking away.

NVIDIA guarantees that Maxine will be available to all users worldwide soon. Thus, not only a few will be able to enjoy it. Since its official introduction, artificial intelligence has captured the attention of technology enthusiasts, and rightly so. NVIDIA Maxine can offer an unprecedented improvement in our communication with other people around the world.

The main augmented reality features available in NVIDIA Maxine are divided into the following:

  • face tracking
  • waypoint tracking
  • face mesh
  • Body posture assessment
  • Eye contact
  • Evaluation of facial expression

NVIDIA Maxine arrives to change the game, but still has a lot to improve


So far, those who have been able to test this artificial intelligence have come to a rather similar conclusion, namely that it is more than an interesting tool, but it still has a lot to polish. However, given that it’s barely in development and doesn’t even have an official release, NVIDIA Maxine is a pretty amazing deal.

A feature called “Eye Contact” is one of its most striking aspects. When activated, your eyes will look directly – but naturally – at the camera. Besides, mimics blinking, position and shape of the eyes; while it allows the eyes to focus according to the position of the face. While all this is going on, you can direct your gaze anywhere as NVIDIA Maxine takes care of adjusting it for the rest of the participants.

NVIDIA Maxine processing, yes, will not be available to everyone. According to Alex Key, one of the leaders of the development team of this artificial intelligence, the tool has some basic requirements to work. One of them, of course, is the webcam, as well as the NVIDIA RTX series graphics card. However, there are ways to run the tool on any computer by delegating the video signal to other data centers that will be responsible for processing it.

“NVIDIA Maxine is an SDK for GPU-accelerated AI and cloud microservices for implementing AI features that enhance audio, video, and real-time augmented reality effects. microphone and camera.


AI with a big future

While eye contact is NVIDIA Maxine’s most popular feature, it’s not the only one. In addition, artificial intelligence improves sound by removing background noise and echo. In addition, you can also apply resolution enhancements, set a virtual background for your image, and instantly translate between languages ​​such as English, French, Spanish, German, and more.

Perhaps one day we will see the same technology integrated into programs such as Zoom, Discord, Skype or Teams. Ultimately, NVIDIA Maxine will enable even more communication between people, even if they don’t speak the same language.

Source: Hiper Textual

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