Apple Watch will no longer be sold after the judge determined that Apple infringed patent on pulse oximeter technology. In accordance with Reuters, a US International Trade Commission (ITC) judge concluded that Cupertino infringed Masimo’s patent by using light sensors to measure blood oxygen saturation. A medical technology company accused Apple in 2021 of infringing five patents on its pulse oximeter.

In a complaint filed with ITC in June 2021, Masimo alleged that the Apple Watch Series 6 used key technologies from his core business. The medical company has lashed out at Apple, demanding it stop selling smartwatches in the US. After a thorough investigation, the International Trade Commission found that Apple had only infringed a patent and will make a final decision in May.

If ITC imposes an import ban at the request of Masimo, Apple will have to stop selling all Apple Watch blood oxygen meters. This measure will affect Series 6 and 7 (already discontinued), Series 8, Ultra and SE models. The ban seems drastic, and some experts assure that the Cupertino ban they will end up paying between $50 million and $300 million a year. Masimo for royalties.

This was stated by CEO Masimo Joe Kiani. MD+ID that the decision should help restore fairness to the market. “We are pleased that the judge recognized Apple’s violation of Masimo’s pulse oximetry technology and took this important first step to accountability,” he said. “We believe that today’s decision exposes Apple as a company that takes other companies’ innovations and repackages them,” he said.

Who is Masimo and why does he want to stop selling the Apple Watch?

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Masimo is a California-based medical company specializing in non-invasive monitoring technologies. One of the pillars of the company is pulse oximetry with signal extraction technology (SET)implemented in 1995. According to the company, SET uses a conventional pulse oximetry algorithm (red over infrared) that is supported by four other algorithms in parallel.

These algorithms distinguish between arterial and venous signal during motion and low perfusion by identifying and separating non-arterial and venous SpO2 noise from true arterial SpO2 components in the signal.

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Technology SET is used in professional measuring equipment, as well as in counters focused on the end user. Masimo is also smartwatch that provides health data, such as blood oxygen levels, heart rate, hydration index, respiration rate and more. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Masimo W1 is considered advanced health device.

In a lawsuit filed in California’s Central District Court, Masimo accused Apple of stealing classified information. Kiani mentioned that Apple Watch ban won’t affect consumersbecause it cannot be considered a medical device.

“I have seen messages from consumers and others suggesting the use of Series 6 as a medical product,” Masimo CEO said. “This will not only harm the consumers themselves, but will also reduce our ability to sell truly clinical products to consumers,” he said.

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