5 reasons to watch ‘Silo’, one of the best shows on Apple TV+

We tell you some of the most interesting reasons to enjoy ‘Silo’, the new sci-fi series airing on Apple TV+. Spoilers are forbidden!

Silo’s narration will keep you engaged in front of your TV screen or iPad

Apple TV+ recently premiered the captivating series ‘Silo’. science fiction inspired by the same literary work Hugh Howey. The series has a great place narrativeGreat distribution actors and actresses, a good dose special effects and many more reasons to enjoy one of the best shows on Apple TV+.

‘Silo’ is a string created by Graham Yost and produced by AMC Studios The synopsis reveals a post-apocalyptic story where a society lives by its own rules. huge underground silo hundreds of stories deep. But as generations passed, they forgot why they lived in a silo. They just know that the planet is uninhabitable and poisonous.

A mystery game that will hook you up

‘Silo’ has all the conditions to be one of the best sci-fi series of recent times. Have a very careful setting, an intense narration that will make you throbbing, and an excellent cast whose comments go beyond the sublime. All these with hanging from the cliffscript twists and other movie tricks.

The air of mystery surrounding the “Silo” is another reason why this Apple TV+ series will have you hooked from the first minute. The story sells itself but also the drama that accompanies it is on the verge of perfection. On the other hand – and this is something I usually hate – having a new episode coming out every week adds an extra point of intrigue that never hurts.

A dream squad


Left to right: Avi Nash, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Dame Harriet Walter

When we were talking about the cast of ‘Silo’, who gave us amazing performances on Apple TV+, we weren’t just saying anything. It’s really about professional actors and actresses helping us. Immerse yourself completely in the plot with performances that fit the plot perfectly from the show

Apple TV+’s new original series features performances by famous actors and actresses. Tim Robbins (‘The Price of Bondage’), David Oyewolo (“Water Man”), Rebecca Ferguson (‘Sand hill’), Hunt Nash (“The Walking Dead”) and Rashida Jones (‘Office’). They also join the cast with secondary characters. Iain Glen, Will Patton, Dame Harriet Walter, Geraldine James or Commonamong others.

It’s always a pleasure to watch Tim Robbins work.


Tim Robbins plays ‘Bernard’ in ‘Silo’

The immeasurable protagonist of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ (‘Cadena Perpetua’ in Spain and ‘Sueño de Fuga’ in Latin America) that played the good Andy Dufresne with Morgan Freeman is there, not just in ‘Silo’ but in the same in the interpretation of any role absolutely suggested at the time.

Tim Robbins in the first three episodes of ‘Silo’ a more serene and calm performance. But that may be about to change in the next few episodes, and his character will gain more and more strength.

Rebecca Ferguson’s instinctive performance is brutal


Rebecca Ferguson plays a role that is as cold as it is instinctive

The Swedish actress, who took part in major cinematographic works such as ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘Doctor Sleep’, ‘Men in Black’, ‘Life’ or ‘Dune’, draws attention with her leading role in the Apple TV+ series ‘Silo’. A role embodied a very moody character who hides a very sensitive side with anger, violence, suffering, and an armor of authority. Her performance as Juliette Nichols will definitely make you not want to take your eyes off the screen.

Antiquities and underground lives

mayor woman

The silo has its own rules and working classes.

The twists in the script and the events in ‘Silo’ would not have been so satisfying if the plot had taken place in a more ordinary setting. Getting on the skin of a set of people belonging to an underground society its own laws, powers of authority, mayor and culture they make it really interesting.

You will see all kinds in the series. ancient artifacts objects such as analog clocks or video cameras that are useless and completely unaware of the characters in ‘Silo’ society. But the real seduction of the Apple TV+ series is the magic of underground relationships with a mystical twist, and a whimsical romance somewhat reminiscent of old times. cave allegory from Plato.

Source: i Padizate

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