If you are a user of the music platform deep freeze, keep watching us. An incident involving a French company recently caused a lot of talk and worried those who used the service. According to have i been trickedThe data of 229 million Deezer users, an online tool to check if personal information has been exposed during security breaches, has been compromised.

The notification took place on Monday (2) and affects both Brazilians and people from other countries. The problem, which is said to have its roots in a three-year litigation involving a backup file, was stated to be responsible for the leak. birthdates, email and IP addresses, names, places, genders and usernames.

It all started in 2019 when a third-party Deezer partner fell victim to a glitch in their system. After the fact Leaked information sold on a hackers forum, a practice that usually takes place with a certain frequency after such situations. Read part of the official description of the leak posted by below. have i been tricked:

“At the end of 2022, music streaming service Deezer has confirmed a leak affecting 240 million users. Popular hacker forum. Data affected include 229 million emails, IP addresses, names, usernames, gender, DoB, and location”.

What does Deezer say?

In addition to verifying the information, Deezer tried to calm users by explaining that the data disclosed only pertains to the platform partner they no longer work with. “The data in question was processed by a partner with whom we have not worked since 2020. […]. Deezer’s security systems are in place and our database is secure.”

It is estimated that 37.1 million of the 229 million profiles affected are in Brazil. However, sensitive data such as passwords and CPF numbers were not affected by the stream.

Source: Tec Mundo

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