How about investing in new habits this year that just started? Also, why not explore less common tools that can be truly surprising?

despite its success Google Chrome a powerful web browser – predominant on both desktop computers and smartphones – alternatives with different functions and innovative features are available in terms of usability.

So, check out a list of others, below seven browsers you can use on your mobile throughout the year 2023. Have fun!

1.Microsoft Edge

Originally published by Microsoft in 2015 Microsoft Edge It has gained versions for mobile devices from 2017. Its main features include reading list, download management bar and favorites center.

Interestingly, the app can also read documents in PDFs and even when activating audio reading tooljust plug in the earphones to make everything even more comfortable.

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2. Firefox Focus

(Mozilla Firefox/Playback)

In this new browser created by Mozilla, firefox It has been designed with an even more powerful version, the main emphasis of which is a dedicated navigation. Therefore, all resources data security and ad blocking — automatically like using an incognito tab.

With Focus, the company provides stop and delete features, as well as convenience when looking back is needed. There’s also more speed and agility in navigation.

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3. brave


Another browser you will use on your mobile this year is braveIt also has interesting tools in terms of security and privacy. Already equipped with extension Ad Blocking Its developers guarantee browsing up to three times faster than competitors to block unwanted ads on the web.

Generally speaking, Brave also secret favorites listrecent tabs for easy browsing, bookmark sync, third-party cookie and script blocker, plus Brave Search and Brave Wallet.

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  • Enjoy the browser on iOS.

4. OperaTouch


In this new version of the familiar browser, new features have been added, as well as improvements and fixes, and a design with new colors has been added. Among the innovations, Quick Action ButtonIt is always available to users in new searches.

The browser also has ad-blocking tools and private browsing modes, as well as Protection against CryptoJackingsignificantly reduces some risks in smartphone battery drain.

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5. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser


As stated in this list, the biggest concern of users and developers at the moment is, digital security. In this sense, it is another browser with resources to search the web without trackers and inappropriate advertisements.

Also, other important points DuckDuck Go automatic blocking of incognito trackers, encrypted connection (HTTPS) for data protection, Email Protection tool and also Fire Button to clear cookies and browse data.

  • Enjoy the browser on Android.
  • Enjoy the browser on iOS.

6. Vivaldi


It can only be used by Android OS users, vivaldi it comes up with a cleaner and more organized interface for demanding people. For example, when opening a new website, the browser menu with lots of actions will be taken. It is also possible to change bookmarks in folders and choose the best view.

There is also a special menu for auto-translation, storage of screenshots and annotations. In the security area, the browser also offers powerful features to combat unwanted ads and data sharing.

7. Kiwi Browser

(Google Play Store/Playback)

Finally, it should be mentioned Kiwi Browser, like the previous browser, can only be used by users of the Android operating system. Broadly speaking, it consists of a simpler browser, but with interesting features that can satisfy most people.

Perfect for reading, querying search engines, watching videos and listening to music, your system is project based. chromium, by Google. There’s support for extensions, ad blockers, and a night mode to rest your eyes.

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