If there is something that has not been well studied Whats up That’s the only thing about him. send chats you have from one device to another. The company itself is aware of this and is therefore working on a way to do it simply and effectively. well known What will the process be like? and everything – if everything is confirmed – indicates that it was well thought out and implemented.

The purpose of the messaging application to improve the passage of chats has been known for some time, this has been requested by users for a long time and there is no adequate response yet. The idea is that it can achieve this directly and without having to use any services in between (in this case we are talking about Google Drive). And it looks like you’re almost all set, as spotted in the latest test version for Android.

How will the process of chat copies on WhatsApp be?

Well, it seems that the system to be used is the verification system, as verified in some images in the development we mentioned earlier. Use of QR codes. This makes the process really simple and safe as the two devices must be side by side to be able to scan the image in question. Therefore, the system was well established at first.

Copying chats on WhatsApp using QR


On the other hand, by doing this and avoiding the use of Google Drive, you save time and comfort, because you can be sure that everything you have is sent at that moment—not tied to the backup date. You can also check the effectiveness of the tool. Frankly, the time it takes to complete everything depends on the amount of knowledge you have, and for now,WhatsApp did not specify whether to select the date range copy or if one is implemented by default in the application and the user cannot interfere in this matter.

something to keep in mind

One of the known limitations to the new method of porting WhatsApp chats is that it cannot be done with devices with different operating systems. You cannot send information from one terminal with Android to another terminal with iOS. (and vice versa). Time will tell if the company currently owned by Meta will be able to achieve this over time. Considering all the information about this new function in the test version of the application, it is highly possible that the tool we are talking about will become official soon.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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