Of course, on more than one occasion you have allowed the use of the keys that appear on the screen. your android screen they were bigger when you needed to write something. And the problem is you don’t know how to get it. The truth is, it’s totally possible and we tell you what to do about it. use the keyboard on your phone or tablet.

It is true that the screens of Android devices are much larger now than they were just three years ago, but for some this may not be enough to comfortably use the integrated keyboard. Fortunately, in one of the most used today, for example Google GboardIt is possible to execute several actions that allow enlarge size And therefore when displayed comfort increases significantly.

This is how you can enlarge the Gboard keyboard on Android

With a few steps, and all quite intuitively, you’ll find that you can do this without endangering the app we’re talking about, and much less the terminal itself. As a result, it is an excellent possibility that is included so that comfort while typing Whether you have big hands or not. The steps to take are:

  • Opens an app that requires you to use the built-in Gboard keyboard. An example is both Telegram and WhatsApp that allow you to send emails or direct messages.
  • You will now see the keyboard on the screen and in the top area there is a gear-shaped icon that gives you access to Settings. Use it regularly. If you don’t see it, you will see three horizontal dots in the same place, click on them and you will see the element we commented on.
Gboard Settings Icon for Android

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  • Now access Preferences, the second option in the list you see on your Android screen. And here select the Keyboard height.
  • There are different metrics you can set, you should try the one that best suits your needs (but those above Normal might be what you’re looking for).
  • Once you find the option you like, save it and use it as you type. You’re done.

You may have seen that simplicity was the dominant note in the process of enlarging the Gboard keyboard displayed on the Android screen. Of course, if necessary, you can undo the change made seamlessly by following the same steps and choosing from the Normal sizes list.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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