They have been producing for a week. Access issues with third-party apps that work with Twitter. An example of what we are talking about is the well-known Tweetbot. It was not known exactly what was going on until today, but today, the big secret has been revealed with the statement made by the company owned by Elon Musk.

There were two possible options: a malfunction in the API (in this case, the software hardware that allows Twitter’s functions) or what the company has, plain and simple. decided to limit its use to some customers -because it should be noted that others, such as Fenix, continue to work without problems-. And the latter is happening, as can be seen in the message posted by the social network.

Why is Twitter doing this?

As the company points out, they violating API usage rules known as longstanding. And the interesting thing about it is that only Twitter developers should know this, because even one of Tweetbot’s creators (Paul Haddad) didn’t know exactly what rule they were breaking and, worst of all, everything they didn’t know, so how to figure it out. In addition, no matter how much they try to communicate with the social network, they cannot get any response. Bad view.

As a result it seems too much on Twitter, we’ll see if Elon Musk does it himself, they decide to step up. enlighten app creators Working with your API and also for the rest of the world to know why they made such a decision. It should be noted that some of the blocked apps now have a large number of users who cannot access them regularly. services offered for 10 years in some cases. The chaos that Twitter has created seems limitless at the moment.

Drawing the Twitter logo on the tablet


Reasons for making this decision

Beyond violating some hitherto unknown rules regarding the use of the social network’s own API, the reason that may exist on the part of the company, limit the scope of third party enhancements This allows you to manage profiles. In this way, some users may return to the official app; this is the traffic it generates (and possible additional subscriptions Things that are now available now that Musk has made them the norm on the platform). Competition is good, it always is, but some don’t perceive it very well on the face of it.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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