Many lovers of high-quality sound find it appropriate to use specialized music gadgets, refusing the simplicity and accessibility of modern smartphones. Often they need it. This phone has a new Walkman player sold by Sony that has free storage space.

Called the A NW-A306 and priced at just $350, the device has a lot of premium features that were previously reserved for cats. It implements a high degree of sound detail for countable support for 24-bit / 96kHz PCM audio, and DSEE technology improves the quality of music when assembling wireless headphones.

Player NW-A306

And here is something that connoisseurs of “tube” sound may like – the built-in “vinyl” processor, which gives a warm color to the sound of digital tracks. It also requires support for Sony’s specially developed high-definition LDAC codec. There are physical buttons to control the player and a touch screen that can be turned into a magnetic cassette for a retro vibe.

The only drawback is only 32 GB of internal memory, but this can be leveled by using an SD card of the necessary o. The company consumes about 42 hours when playing FLAC tracks at 44.1 kHz. The start of sales of the new Walkman will take place in January.

Player NW-A306

Source: Tech Cult

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