Application Instagram announced a series of news today this adds some of the most interesting options. one of them is new silent modeAimed at reducing addiction to the well-known social network and therefore able to improve the health of those who use the application we are talking about (especially the youngest).

This is an excellent idea, because regulators have been around for a long time. Concerned about the impact of social networks on adolescents (and the rest of the people) who in some cases just can’t get themselves off the hook, which means they don’t stop uploading content to be constantly up to date and stand out. Also, with Silent Mode, special attention is paid to everything computer related. notifications and messageseven addictive options.

What is Instagram’s new Silent Mode?

The purpose of this new feature is to reduce addiction and anxiety that you have many choices about what happens on the platform. To do this, time intervals are set so that sound alerts are not received (among others) from incoming direct messages or notifications generated by the application itself. It can even be installed so as not to be disconnected. automatic replies Indicating that you are in a rest period, if requested.

New Quiet Mode on Instagram


Also its Instagram app will be proactive, because if it is detected that the use of the application is carried out at night, it will issue an alert notification to connect to the new Quiet Mode. Therefore, it is intended that users regularly take a break to follow everything that is happening on Instagram and get rid of the invisible links that currently exist. And without a doubt, this is an excellent solution that adds to the many tools implemented in the service we spoke with the company. purpose of controlling usage time (including getting alerts for overuse time).

Other new options coming to the social network

Apart from the new Quiet Mode, which is quite reminiscent of the Turn off the light option that existed in messaging clients like ICQ years ago, the app includes more options as announced. An example, checking if parents can create teen accountsbecause it includes the possibility to see even the accounts it has blocked.

Improved content control on Instagram


Also, better controls have been added View in a much more complete and personalized way from the Explore page, which definitely prevents from time to time seeing something that doesn’t suit the user’s age or especially one’s taste. Good options coming to Instagram that are sure to come in handy for many people.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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