YouTuber Jonatan Santos arrested in Balneário Camboriú (Santa Catarina) Wednesday (18), after recording a video simulate a robbery with a rifle. He was not authorized to shoot street scenes and was arrested for assaulting public service security.

According to g1, the creator recorded the scenes near a shooting club in the city on the beach of Santa Catarina. The residents of the neighborhood, who thought it was a real robbery, called the Gendarmerie (PM), stating that the people allegedly involved in the incident fled in a minibus after the incident.

Therefore, the Prime Minister carried a large number of vehicles and motorcycles there, along with a helicopter, to search for the suspects. During the searches, police had to go the wrong way, go through red lights, exceed speed limits and set up barriers on the BR-101 for jobs that required the presence of teams from neighboring cities.

During the search, which lasted about half an hour, the car was found in a house in the same neighborhood, surrounded by the police. During the approach, Santos stated that he made a recording. Heist simulation for your YouTube channel and that the guns are of the airsoft type. Despite the statement, he was detained and the weapons were confiscated.

defense declared

This Thursday (19), defense youtuber arrested declared that the facts reported “do not coincide with the reality of events”. Lawyers also stated that they have taken the necessary measures to clarify the incident as soon as possible.

channel imprisoned impressive He has more than 3.5 million subscribers on the Google platform and is known for posting humorous content that touches on everyday experiences. He is also the boyfriend of the influencer Jana Moura, she has 310,000 followers on Instagram.

Source: Tec Mundo

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