Last Friday (13), A 12-year-old girl has been found dead in her home in Argentina, and it appears to be responsible for the unstable difficulties that permeated her life. TikTok. Milagros Soto was live-streaming for his friends when he took on the challenge known as “The Hanging Challenge” or Blackout ChallengeHe died in his room by strangling himself.

The girl’s aunt, Laura Luque, claims she got the livestream link but didn’t watch it. According to the claims of his friends watching the content, Milagros tried to remove the rope around his neck several times when he realized that he could no longer breathe, but he could not pull it out and eventually died.

Not much has been revealed about the incident yet, but Milagros’ aunt believes that someone encouraged the girl to take up the challenge – she also claims she was mocked by her schoolmates at another time. The Teniente School of General Pablo Riccheri, where he studied, issued a note expressing regret for what had happened.

Blackout Challenge

“We have many doubts about everything that happened. She was a very smart girl. She was bullied a lot, she. She told us that no one at school liked her because she was beautiful, blonde, and had light blue eyes. She was a happy person, she. Incredible. A perfect niece, granddaughter, daughter,” Luque told the television station. El Trece.

Anyway, the authorities are already investigating the incident to better understand what happened and therefore they recovered the girl’s smartphone to find out more. Unfortunately, Milagros wasn’t the only one to die from the challenge – in 2021, a 10-year-old girl died of suffocation in Parlemo, Italy.

According to information from the newspaper BloombergAs of November 2020, about 17 children under the age of 14 have died from the same problem in the last 18 months. Some information indicates that the challenge was created outside of TikTok in 2008, but has become popular again on the Chinese social network.

Source: Tec Mundo

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