Recently, nvidia Released a new function for Broadcast, its app targets software changes on PC. The release causes the computer or laptop’s camera to “lock” the eyes to the recording.

source named eye contactmakes you look more professional when recording a face by mimicking what eyes would look like if they were constantly focused on the camera. It’s very common for the presenter to forget to look at the camera several times or look away while creating a video, and this practice helps prevent that.

Technology uses a powerful Artificial Intelligence To simulate new eyes that try to match the true color of the iris and even have the function of automatically disconnecting when the user turns their head too far or looks to the sides too much to make the recording more dynamic and closer to reality.

According to Nvidia, this functionality was developed to assist “creators who aim to record themselves reading their notes and scripts”. But none of that stops you from using this feature in a routine business meeting or even an online classroom and pretending to give it your full attention.

RTX function

This isn’t the first time a video card manufacturer has released a resource that can drastically change some of the features of a peripheral. A few years ago, the company launched RTX Voice, which also uses artificial intelligence to reduce noise from microphones and speakers, leaving only the user’s crystal clear voice.

In addition, Nvidia heavily uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in games. Its most popular feature, DLSS, manages to resize a game’s image to another resolution and fix aliasing issues, and in some cases doubling the amount of frames, giving the title more performance.

The Eye Contact feature is now available in Nvidia Broadcast version 1.4. The application can be downloaded from the company’s official website, but the computer must have an RTX line card to work.

Source: Tec Mundo

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