AI art is now becoming a means of use and consumption by the average user, and among these there was Stephen Kingwho has decided to use one of his most disturbing characters, namely the Pennywise from THEto artificially generate a design that will intrigue fans of the King of Horror.

Here is the artwork.

In the words of Stephen King:

This work was made possible thanks to an AI bot. I asked a tech-savvy friend, Jake, to put Pennywise on a bike, and that was the end result.

Remember that AI art comes from a new way of producing art through algorithms, which try to create works of art according to the aesthetic canons they have learned. Regarding his Pennywise, Stephen King has stated that he will not be writing any new stories about the character. This is what he said a few months ago:

I am not currently in a relationship with Pennywise. And that’s because I’m not going to work with IT anymore. Now it’s all in the hands of other people involved, there are Andy and Barbara Muschietti working on Welcome to Derry where they will explore this topic in the best possible way. And they also have a close deal with HBO Max.

The Avengers, Stephen King

The Avengers: Stephen King’s Novel Becomes a Movie

Source: Lega Nerd

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