After a few days, it is not known exactly what happened on twitter Regarding third-party applications, everything has already been made very clear by the social network. This has stepped in to prevent these apps from working until now. So what happened to Tweetbot wasn’t anything specific… it was far from that.

Let’s go over a short summary: some of them Third party apps Stopped working, offering access to Twitter in a different way from the official client. Some thought it was for a reason. API issue from the social network. The truth is that in a Twitter message their violation of some terms of useand that this is causing the above-mentioned apps to malfunction. But still there were some doubts. a bigger move By Elon Musk’s company. And finally, it did.

Changes made by Twitter

Well company You changed the terms of use with third-party developers and the most important change is that a new clause prohibits the creation of any product similar to Twitter’s own apps. White and bottled, as they say. Then, goes directly to third-party developments running as a client and they are de facto banned after many years of existence. Obviously, the social network is very free to act as it sees fit with its product, but that will not look good in the face of companies and users. and questions the flag that Elon Musk has always waved about freedom. (Of course it will when it affects others).

Launching the Twitter app on a tablet


What is clear is that Twitter requires anyone accessing the platform to do so through their own accounts. official appexpected to improve significantly. And this is because more access control -and the way users use the social network-. And in particular, everything that has to do with it advert. Yes, this is clearly one of the ways to generate more revenue, something totally necessary considering the debts the company has. Therefore, its arrival will not be surprising. more intrusive ads for example when visiting the timeline.

The effects of this decision are already being felt.

Very quickly, news began to be heard about how this new way of functioning affected Turkey. Twitter Related to Third Party Applications. And apparently, it happened as expected. To start, Twitterrific reports that it has stopped offering its services, but not before making a harsh critique of Elon Musk’s company. The same thing happens with other enhancements like Tweetbot. Finally, and because of these circumstances, none will be left, which makes sense and that means: end of competition.

step taken looks finalAlthough this isn’t the first time Musk has followed in his footsteps – but this doesn’t seem like one of those options. So it must be said goodbye to third-party Twitter clients and after seeing what they see, consider very seriously whether the direction the social network is taking is correct.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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