Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov, who was arrested in a treason case and is in jail, called the condition for the “reverse relocation” of IT specialists who left Russia. According to him, the current measures taken by the state are not enough.

The founder of Group-IB Sachkov called the condition for the “reverse relocation” of IT people

The words of Ilya Sachkov were posted on the telegram channel, on which his posts from the pre-trial detention center are posted. Sachkov himself was arrested in a case of high treason and is in a pre-trial detention center.

The founder of Group-IB believes that in order to return IT specialists who left Russia, it is necessary to ensure their need for security.

“People left because of the need for security, but if it is satisfied, they will return for self-realization, because only by solving difficult, sometimes impossible tasks, a person with intellectual labor can find true happiness,” Sachkov said in a statement. .

Sachkov considered insufficient the measures that the state is currently taking to “reverse relocate” IT specialists, namely a delay in mobilization and the creation of a preferential IT mortgage program.

According to the Ministry of Digital Development, some 100,000 IT specialists left Russia in 2022. Sachkov called these figures “terrible” but “tends to believe them.”

Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov was arrested in September 2021 in a treason case. The maximum penalty for this charge is up to 20 years in prison.


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Source: RB

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