Kommersant reports that in the near future several large banks will offer their children payment stickers with an NFC chip.

So, Alfa-Bank will conduct testing on January 23, MKB – within a couple of weeks. Sberbank, VTB and Post-Bank are also preparing. Tinkoff quickly announced his intentions in December last year, but there is still a possibility of a novelty in operation.

Saved the message to launch a free survey during a meeting with 100,000 customers. Technology targeted at iOS users who are not accepted after Apple Pay to pay for purchases with a smartphone.

Several payment card companies confirmed to Kommersant that they are seeing “increased demand” for payment stickers from banks. The popularity of payment rings, bracelets, key chains and other accessories is often growing.

Andrey Pilishenko, ALIOT Product Director, is sure that stickers will occupy about 70% of all payment form factors in the coming months.

Kommersant’s source said that consumers of the devices are “associated with accusations in connection with the spread of a wider distribution that arose on the Russian market back in the early 2010s.”

For example, at the rings of the antenna, through which the signal from the chip passes through the terminal, it is located so that if it is brought perpendicular to the terminal, the signal may not pass. Smartphone antenna can show with sticker antenna. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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