In 2022, the revenue of theaters from the distribution of Russian films increased from 10.4 billion rubles to 12 billion rubles. The share of rolled products was 51% instead of 25% in 2021.

The revenue of theaters from the distribution of Russian films increased to 12 billion rubles.

Cinemas, online cinemas and television channels in 2023 also plan to bet on national content. This is evidenced by the data of the estimation company, with which Izvestia got acquainted.

In addition, next year the companies also intend to expand the range of content from Turkey, India and Korea.

In early January, it became known that the State Duma was preparing a bill on the compulsory licensing of Western films. This will allow “not to engage in the semi-legal practice of” pre-session service “. Which, by indirect signs, is popular with the audience, ”said Anton Gorelkin, deputy head of the Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications Committee of the Duma.

In the context of the condemnation of the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine in the spring, the companies Sony, Warner Bros and The Walt Disney suspended the distribution of their content in Russia. According to the association of theater owners, by December 2022, box office receipts in the country had decreased by between 56% and 70%. Such a dynamic does not allow theater owners to repay the loans and maintain the facilities.


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Source: RB

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