This Twitter changes It doesn’t stop there, as Elon Musk (current owner) follows a similar policy to that of his other companies, such as Tesla: Always report so you don’t stop trending. The fact is that the tycoon stated in a message on the social network that he intends to launch one. new Blue subscription option. And that comes with a surprise.

According to Musk himself, there are many people who see this. The number of ads they see while using Twitter is excessive, and that’s something you want to fix. And beware, this is a very interesting thing, because we’re talking about tapping into one of the strongest revenue streams the company has, let’s not forget, it’s not at its best economically (and that’s why it now has around 2,500 workers, up from just over seven thousand). ). AND, the idea of ​​achieving this is neither clever nor surprisingbut it is true that so far he has not been on the social network.

New Blue subscription on Twitter

According to its owner, this is what the company will do: launch a new option Twitter Blue subscription this will, among other things, ensure that you don’t have to see ads while on the platform. But of course achieving that means having to give up something… and that’s something. pay more. So if you don’t want to be bothered by anything while checking the messages of the profiles you follow, you will have to pay more monthly to achieve this. As we have said before: nothing surprising, far from it.

When this new subscription, which can be called Premium to Twitter, arrives, hopefully, will do with something else instead of being exposed to ads, but for now that’s Unknown. And the same goes for date of application, which should not take long, and the price of the new service subscription Let’s remember that it is not yet available in all countries where the social network is available (but in real Tesla fashion, news is already being developed constantly).

Twitter client on mobile


The company is open

Elon Musk has two goals that seem relevant to Twitter should he take the step of buying the social network. On the one hand, there is the construction of this platform. an attractive place where you can find all kinds of services. This is a long-term plan, and therefore we are talking about a long-distance race where it remains to be seen whether the goals are achieved without frightening the users beforehand.

On the other hand, there make the company viableand in this case the goal is to generate more revenue from the services provided (for example, with the advent of Twitter Blue). And also open new ways to make more moneyadditional advertising opportunities and even Remove third-party apps that compete with the company’s apps from the equation. And this is something that has already been accomplished.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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