This iPhone Pro with 256GB memory drops to 519 Euros with one condition

It is the refurbished unit of 11th generation Apple mobile terminals.

This iPhone 11 Pro is a great terminal with a good battery and a memory that will bore you.

It costs around 800 euros in stores like Worten, but this refurbished unit can be yours for just 519 euros. examined in detail by Amazon Renewed team. they provide More than 80% battery capacity (in most cases they tend to be about 90%). In any case, Apple will replace the original for less than 80 euros and 100% in any Apple store.

Owning an iPhone is a Chance for drawer emergencies If you already have a more recent iPhone or are using Android and are curious about iPhones and try some time with someone from them. In addition, you will be testing one of the best and most revolutionary of the latest releases. Don’t be afraid to buy an iPhone 11 Pro in 2023, it’s good option.

iPhone 11 Pro (256GB)

Buy a 256GB iPhone 11 Pro for just over €500

This iPhone 11 Pro was Apple’s first “Pro” version in iPhone history. It was a revolution that turned the ‘simple’ version into a more advanced version with a subtle improvement on the rear camera. This unit is a 5.8 inch oled screen Maximum brightness with Full HD+ resolution 1200 nitscompatibility with HDR10/Dolby Visionon a body dust and water resistant glass (IP68) only 8.1mm thick and 188g weight.

iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro is one of the best phones you can get at this price.

we have inside Apple A13 BionicIt’s a 7 nm processor that runs at 2.65 GHz and is very battery efficient. Apple’s proprietary graphics chip and 4GB RAM They make the latest update iOS 16 system run very fast. In this unit we have 256GB storage Internal, the second with the largest storage of this model, with this we will have enough memory to store music, movies and all kinds of applications.

Triple rear camera 12 MP main sensor Apple iSight Camera (11) f/1.8, 12 MP wide-angle and telephoto lens with 120° amplitude + 12 MP portrait for optical x2 zoom and x10 digital zoom. We also have this optical stabilizer capture videos Super stable 4K 60fpsand in slow motion at 240fps with excellent definition. Its front camera is 12 MP and is wide-angle, giving impressive results for personal photos and videos at 1080p at 60 fps.

iPhone 11 Pro (256GB)

This iPhone 11 Pro’s battery 3046 mAh and will give us a range of a day and a half. Can be charged quickly up to 18W strength. we also have wireless charging (Not MagSafe) Up to 7.5 W. The port of this model is Lightning again, you can use any wireless charger on the market that supports 7.5W charging.

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