The volume of data on natural resources of Russians, which is in the public domain, has grown 40 times in 2022.

Between July 2021 and June 2022, hackers stole 970.5 million rows of personal records. For the same period of the year, 24 million rows of data were leaked earlier.

Nearly 823 million lines belong to the February database of the CDEK delivery service. But even without taking into account this amount of compromised data, 147.5 million rows will be mandatory, which is six times more than the number of compromised data from the previous period.


The vast majority of attacks occur with special reputation or economic damage to both business and the country as a whole.

Experts expect that in the future the number of hacker attacks will increase, but the amount of leaked data will decrease.

The most active were hacker groups operating against Russian government agencies and companies, Anonymous, the IT army of Ukraine, GhostSec, NB65. 30% of the attacks were on company emissions, 16% on IT enterprises, and 10% each on the financial, industrial and energy sectors. [Известия]

Source: Iphones RU

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