Createn’s “Design Workshop” will take place on February 13-14, 2023. As part of it, participants are invited to rethink souvenirs from cultural spots and state institutions in the capital. The most interesting ideas will come to life.

The organizer of the event is the Agency for Creative Industries (AKI) of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow.

“Design Workshop” seeks talents: develop and sell souvenirs for the capital

Who can participate

Individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees of Moscow companies: design bureaus, groups of novice creators, students from the fields of art, design and advertising can participate in Creaton.

All those who pass the preliminary selection, the organizers will unite in teams of three to five people. A total of 25 teams will be formed.

You can apply to participate in the Design Workshop until January 31, 2023.

What do we have to do

Develop a creative line of souvenirs for the Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve, the Tretyakov Gallery, 1C Game Studios and other flagship Moscow companies. Ideas should be based on the image of Moscow, elements of Russian culture and traditional crafts.

Ideas can be realized in different ways. These can be clothing and interior items, accessories, art objects, collaborations with existing brands, digital developments, and digital attributes. With the development of visual concepts, professional mentors will help – manufacturers, representatives of specialized universities and partners-customers of Creaton – the Higher School of Economics, the Institute of Business and Design, etc.

Directly prior to the Creaton, teams will have the opportunity to study additional materials and meet with track mates. And at the end of two days of competition, each team will present their solution, and the jury will select five winners.

What will the winners get?

  • The opportunity to work with well-known Russian companies in the field of art, design and advertising and implement a project for them.
  • Earn a strong portfolio case and recognition in the professional community.

And all Creaton participants are waiting for presentations from market experts and inspiring success stories: for example, a case of collaboration with Roscosmos, integration of AR-format merchandising in large companies and much more.

“Aspiring designers will have the opportunity to enrich their portfolio and monetize the results of intellectual activity. Createn partners will increase the interest of the young audience in their collections by offering them a new look. In addition, the “Design Workshop” aims to reveal and translate our cultural code into modern design. In combination with modern technologies and up-to-date design solutions, recognizable images and meanings can take on new meaning.”– said the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow Alexei Fursin.

You can find all the details on the website.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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