Even a strange build based on an Intel Core i3-10100F and GeForce RTX 3060 Ti can do well in games. The expert of the YouTube channel “Yan Shelest” was convinced of this.

HORSE Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six At 1080p with the ultra preset, the average FPS was in the 160-170 fps range. At times, the frame rate spiked to 200fps. True, the video card is loaded only 65-70%.

Same graphics settings in Full HD (Ultra) Forza Horizon 5 managed to get an average of 60fps. And at the same time, the video card is already loaded at 100%.

cyberpunk 2077 it worked at 1080p with ultra preset and ray tracing in balanced mode. It turns out that it is possible to get about 40 fps in this game. The video card is only loaded at 45-60% at a time.

Overall, the Core i3-10100F and RTX 3060 Ti can perform quite well in modern games. But in demanding projects the processing power will already be noticeably lacking.

Gaming PC specs:

  • motherboard MSI H510M PRO-E;
  • Processor Intel Core i3-10100F;
  • video card Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Ti;
  • power unit Cooler Master Elite V3 400;
  • cooler PCCooler GI-X3B V2;
  • memory DDR4 8GB (2*4GB);
  • frame ATX AeroCool Gladiator Duo.

Source: Ferra

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