Alexa is an artificial intelligence-based virtual assistant developed by Amazon and uses speech recognition to perform various tasks and answer questions.


According to the ‘Xataka’ web portal, initially the assistant was only connected to smart speakers created by Amazon. But a few months later, its SDK was opened so other manufacturers and developers could start working on it.

That being said, ever since The assistant is included in many appliances, from wall clocks to microwave ovens.

With Alexa, users can ask questions, play music, get weather information, set alarms and timers, control compatible smart home devices, and much more. Moreover, It can integrate with various third-party services and applications, allowing for a wide range of features and capabilities.

However, it also has different functions that are little known to the user. Among them are some stealth modes called ‘God Mode’ or actually ‘Super Alexa Mode’.

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Alexa has a stealth mode that not many know about. This ‘Super Alexa Mode’, This mod, which is activated after giving the assistant a series of commands, will tell you that the mod has been activated when finished.

According to the ‘Computer Hoy’ web portal, this mode can be used on any device that interacts with Alexa. For those carrying the mobile app from Echo on your iOS or Android device.

The feature of this mod is Alexa can detect that you are trying to activate it. and if you mention a wrong word or a command is missing, it immediately warns you that you didn’t enter them correctly.

The ‘Todo Digital’ web portal states that to activate this Alexa mod and discover the secret message it has for you, you have to say it or press the following sequence on the keys: Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.

Letters WITH And b. should tell them Spanish, However the word start should be pronounced in English And don’t worry if you do it in another order and make a mistake, Alexa will fix this so you know how to rank correctly.

After that, Alexa will answer you the following: “Din din din, code correct, downloading updates”Alexa will respond, although not always saying the same thing.

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Really, the ‘Super Alexa Mode’ no useit is just a joke shared with the user from the assistant.

Although it mentions having Alexa enabled, you didn’t really do anything and your device will continue to behave the same and without any change in anything, neither aesthetics, nor operation and much less extra functions.


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