The Kokoc Group, a group of marketing companies, has acquired ZoneSmart, a technological solutions service in the field of electronic commerce and marketplaces. This was reported to RB.RU by a representative of the Kokoc Group.

Marketing group Kokoc Group purchased ZoneSmart marketplace and e-commerce solutions service

The amount of the transaction will be up to 140 million rubles and will depend on the performance of ZoneSmart in the next two years. In January 2023, Kokos Group acquired a 95% stake in the service. ZoneSmart is a comprehensive multi-channel online trading platform.

“In the current realities, there is a trend towards a gradual increase in the participation of companies that require comprehensive services within the framework of electronic commerce, in particular, marketplaces. This is because as the number of aggregators used increases, the need for professional services to work with them also grows. In 2022 alone, the average number of marketplace accounts per merchant was 1.4,” Kokoc Group said.

Through the synergy with ZoneSmart, the group hopes to increase its customer base and expand its business, as well as launching a separate line where the integrator will manage turnkey online sales.

According to ZoneSmart’s general director, Artem Kosilov, the service focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, while Kokos Group works with large clients. The association will allow both parties access to a new hearing.

Kokoc Group has been operating in the internet marketing market since 2004, the group includes more than 20 agencies and online services. Kokoc offers clients more than 70 business promotion products: from website development and promotion to complex omnichannel stories tied to business metrics.

According to the Kontur.Fokus system, ZoneSmart (Zonsmart LLC) was founded in 2019, the company’s revenue in 2021 amounted to 80.3 million rubles, with a net loss of 4.8 million rubles.

After the merger, the company expects to triple the number of clients by 2023 and increase profits to 130 million rubles.


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Source: RB

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