According to a study published in the journal Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, some fossils dinosaurs they were in such perfect condition that they kept their last meal in their stomachs.. searched from micropredatorsThese dinosaurs had feathers and were similar to the birds we know today.

As the study explains, the dinosaurs found were from about 120 million years ago and lived in ancient forests where China is located. One of the fossils revealed the last meal of one of these Microraptor specimens, and it turned out to be a mammal – a mouse-like creature that ate, but not a Jurassic mouse.

“We already know of Microraptor specimens preserved with pieces of fish, a bird and a lizard in their bellies. By adding a small mammal to their diet, this new discovery shows that these dinosaurs were opportunistic and not food picky,” said the person in charge. Hans Larsson, a vertebrate paleontologist at McGill University in Canada, for the discovery.

dinosaur food

Larsson says he found a small, rodent-like claw about an inch long preserved inside a Microraptor. The discovery was made while examining specimens from museum collections in China – the first Microraptor fossil was found in China in the 2000s.

Most interestingly, until now, scientists thought this species had a diet based on birds, fish, and lizards, but apparently also loved mammals. Microraptors were one of the first dinosaurs to have feathered wings, which strengthens the theory that birds have a special bond with “monsters of the past.”

The information is extremely important to the region, as the fossil suggests that Microraptors were general carnivores and even ate rodents. Larsson believes this may be the first evidence of generalist carnivores in the age of dinosaurs.

Source: Tec Mundo

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