Laser research paves the way for the future. Already, laser technology is in the mass of useful applications. Scientists from the University of Maryland have long figured out the solution to the creation of air circulation, and literally quickly they managed to conduct a successful experiment, during which a world record was broken. Right in the corridor of the university building, they measure the wavelength of the laser at a distance of 45 meters!

This looks fantastic against the backdrop of a despicable record, in which the length of the waveguide was only 70 centimeters. Moreover, they say that the waveguide could have been longer, but it was limited by the length of the corridor. Scientists also report that they have working “recipes” for creating laser waveguides up to three meters long. To understand a large dose

Efficient transmission of information with a laser requires its taste. Optical fiber shows excellent results due to the difference in the refractive index of the heart and he. However, a waveguide can also be found in a waterfall if sufficiently powerful laser pulses are used. Passing through visible air, pulses of visible plasma make the air less dense.

This phenomenon resembles a miniature prayer and thunder. Importantly, the less sweaty air around the laser works as a waveguide envelope. By experimenting with the laser’s color range, wavelength, and pulse duration, one can find an effective tuning for the laser’s frequency range in airspace. waveguide.

Source: Tech Cult

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