It is often said that correction is for the sages, and it is – again – something that happens. from twitter. Elon Musk’s company introduced to change seen in main interface social networking app and the truth is this drug Between little and nothing I loved It is officially known to users that things will be more or less the same as before.

Let’s make some history (although it’s not very long): earlier this week, the company, to feed users it will show two tabs, rather than being unique to date. This is because one of them was governed by a state. algorithm it shows what supposedly interests each person. It’s called For You and the control is entirely in the social network, which can be very unpleasant for users. The other tab is the Following tab, the traditional Twitter timeline that hasn’t disappeared but has lost its importance. This is because the default in the app is new and there is no escape from it.

Changes on Twitter in just a few days

As expected, users of the social network were not very happy with the change, and complaints did not stop appearing in different messages. That’s why Twitter had to react. It was Elon Musk himself who took the floor and announced the company. launches an option so you can choose the one you prefer to use (to remind you of the last active tab). It’s surprising that it hasn’t been done before, all that has to be said, especially since the firm’s CEO – as he was so involved – reviewed the changes himself.

The thing is, they’ve spent very little time presenting the option we mentioned earlier to users, and as of today Twitter’s web version, feature that lets you remember the last tab used already active. It is also reported that the change in iOS and Android applications will come in a few days. The good news is no doubt, because everything users have control over what they do is positive.

Changes yes, but not at the expense of experience

Well, this is something that seems unbelievable that a very active user on Twitter like Elon Musk is not clear about it. Well it’s true that he has control of what each person sees most provides more data management and better insight for advertising. However, the action carried out is so clear that it was aimed towards that goal that it had to be corrected within a few days due to complaints about the new law. to feed they were numerous. We will have to wait for Elon Musk’s next step on the social network, as he does not cease to amaze himself and strangers.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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