The president of the InfoWatch group of companies, Natalia Kasperskaya, decided to launch her own brand of milk (except raw milk) and dairy products. Ecofarm Polnaya Kotomka LLC was registered on January 24 in Serpukhov, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

IT entrepreneur Natalya Kasperskaya created a milk production company.

Alexander Weitz was appointed General Director, the authorized capital of the company is 10 thousand rubles. RB.RU sent a request to InfoWatch, but the press service did not respond at the time of publication of the material. Natalya Kasperskaya also did not respond to the publication’s request.

Among the activities of the new company, in addition to milk production, are: cultivation of cereals (except rice), leguminous and oilseed crops, breeding of horses, sheep, goats, poultry, processing and canning of meat, sale of food in stores, etc. .

INFOline CEO Ivan Fedyakov did not see much business prospects in the production of milk and dairy products. The analyst doubted that something new could be achieved in this field. According to him, this market is now at the peak of its development. To some extent, even this peak has been exceeded: lower sales of yogurt, “some complex products”.

In the context of falling income, according to him, people are returning to the consumption of basic products, but even these are reduced in physical volume.

Fedyakov suggested that the creation of a new company is a maneuver to receive subsidies or loans from the state to implement some kind of program, or an experimental project, since “this specialist has more competence in the field of IT”.

  • In 2015, Natalya Kasperskaya, as TAdviser wrote, established the Green Lamb peasant farm in the Moscow region. She owns several tens of hectares of land. The farm raised fish, kept bees, goats and birds. So, the IT entrepreneur considered farming as a hobby. However, Natalya Kasperskaya did not rule out that she might one day leave the IT business and go into agriculture if she “finds good successors”.
  • In January 2023, T1 Group, the largest system integrator, planned to buy a stake in a specialized cybersecurity company. According to Kommersant, the holding is considering investments in InfoWatch from Natalia Kasperskaya and Positive Technologies. The publisher’s partner in the IT market believes that investments in InfoWatch are the most likely. According to him, the company costs from 4 to 7 billion rubles.
  • Previously, the holding structure InfoWatch Infowatch Asset Management LLC and Natalia Kasperskaya withdrew from the Cezurity project. The company specializes in information security systems and has been working in the InfoWatch Cezurity structure since 2010.
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Source: RB

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