The Ministry of Economic Development proposed exempting national and receptive tour operators from paying VAT from January 1, 2023 until the end of 2027. So that they can increase their income and compete more actively with the direct sales of hoteliers who already have with tax benefits.

The Ministry of Economy proposed exempting tour operators from paying VAT until 2027

The proposal was supported by the Ministry of Finance. The head of the department, Anton Siluanov, said that the problem had been resolved and that “the reduction in the revenue base would be insignificant” – about 3-4 billion rubles, as Kommersant learned.

In July 2022, VAT was reduced to zero for hotel services and, before that, for rail and air transport.

The head of the Ministry of Economy Maxim Reshetnikov said that now tour operators really pay VAT on turnover. The head of the Dolphin tour operator, Sergei Romashkin, explained that VAT is usually calculated as the difference between entry and exit taxes.

For example, a hotel room costs 90 rubles when booking. And earlier in the reports, he indicated that he was paid 72 rubles plus 18 rubles for it, Sergei Romashkin cited an example.

After reducing VAT for hotels to zero, the cost of a room for a tour operator, according to Romashkin, began to be indicated as a single amount – 90 rubles, and the amount of the actual VAT payment was automatically increased to 20 rubles.

Tour operators promised to make travel more accessible for Russian and foreign tourists within the country during the VAT holidays.

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Source: RB

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