OpenAI, the company behind the much-talked about ChatGPT, boasted to LinkedIn that the current service had reached one million users in just five days. It’s a staggering speed boost that the company has taken care to compare to other major internet services.

The chart below was made by the website. statistbased on information provided by OpenAI. “Selected” only at the discretion of the ChatGPT owner, not the biggest or fastest growing services.

It is curious that TikTok is not on the list. The social network is currently one of the largest in the world and took just three years to reach one billion users.


The arbitrariness of the selected data does not diminish the success of the AI ​​authoring platform. ChatGPT talks about the most diverse possible uses. Not only the versatility of the service, but also the quality of its results took the internet by surprise, resulting in a billionaire investment from Microsoft.

The variety of possibilities ChatGPT offers also raises concerns about its abuse and the number of open positions that the new technology is likely to kill. Possible problems have not been ruled out, but solutions have not yet been suggested.

Source: Tec Mundo

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