Former Pentagon analyst Paul Sharre in his new book on the oddities of military AI training that Marine instructors successfully fooled with various tricks. Their task was to find a robot armed with a system of a wide range of persons. And they managed to do it more than once, arresting their ingenuity and imagination. For example, the AI ​​failed to identify approaching humans when they were hiding in a large cardboard box (a trick well known to all fans of the Metal Gear computer game) and were discovered behind the robot through a hole. On another occasion, an officer cut down the aggregate and took cover, peeking out from behind the branches.

When testing the human proximity system, the Marines ran on all fours and tumbled, so that the search was approaching the robot at a strike distance and it did not recognize them. Humans have effectively used garbage and scraps to fool the AI’s extremely rude tirukam.

Since Sharre did not divulge when these events were discovered, there is a strong possibility that the military AI algorithms have since been improved based on the experience gained. But even if not, the very idea of ​​someone training armed robots to hunt down humans is not siulicher.

military robot

Source: Tech Cult

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