Windows 11 File Explorer will receive important updates soon. Besides the modern look, Microsoft will expand integration with OneDrive and Microsoft 365 Apps.

THEM window center took exclusive screenshots of the updated version of the app. In the highlights, the administrator will get a redesigned file directory, an unprecedented “Home” button and a new search box.

According to the website, the File Explorer homepage will have more integration with Microsoft 365. For quick access to content, a feed at the top shows suggested files in thumbnail format.

The left-hand navigation menu also has a redesigned design., bet on more rounded buttons. The change is part of Microsoft’s effort to standardize the overall look of Windows 11.

Regarding integration with Microsoft 365 though, users will be able to use File Explorer to see activity on files shared on OneDrive. This information will be visible at a glance in the details pane.

Emails and comments in cloud files can be viewed in the details tab. Windows Center/Playback

Activities on files shared in the cloud can be viewed in the details tab.

Better display of photos

Rumors suggest that Microsoft plans to improve the photo viewing experience in File Explorer. A new “Gallery” area should allow you to enlarge the images by hovering the mouse over the file..

Also, the owner of Windows is working to implement it. a file organization system that uses keywords and colors. This feature would be similar to Apple’s Finder app for macOS.

In case all these updates reach File Explorer, this will be the biggest change since windows 8. Microsoft’s goal is to keep the familiar form of the app but add a modern look with new features.

These news should appear in Windows 11 soon for Windows Insider members. after tests, new File Explorer, a update planned for the second half from 2023.

Source: Tec Mundo

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