According to Georges-Louis Leclerc (comte de Buffon), a healthy person can theoretically live up to 100 years. But this assumption was made in the XVIII century. Since then, this age has increased, thanks to medicine.

So, in 1995, French resident Jeanne Calment celebrated her 120th birthday in 1995. She died at the age of 122.

At the same time, scientists say that the lifespan of a human as a species is not limited to biology alone. In 2016, in the journal Nature, geneticists stated that human lifespan had not increased since the 1990s. They also concluded that the natural limit to human life is about 115 years.

Another theory is that if you take 12 110-year-olds, six of them will live to 111, and three to 112. At the same time, the more such centenarians, the more likely some of them will live to a record age.

However, it is not possible to fully verify this assumption. This is because today, in principle, there are very few centenarians.

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Source: Ferra

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